Fiore Sardo DOP

Heritage of the ancient Sardinian dairy tradition, Fiore Sardo D.O.P./P.D.O. is today produced using the most modern technologies respecting the original old recipe. With its curved heel "on the back of a mule", this is a raw sheep milk cheese in flavour and fragrance.

The products are sold depending on the cut
Whole cheese wheel: average weight approximately 2,800 Kg
Half cheese wheel: average weight approximately 1,400 Kg
A quarter of a cheese wheel: average weight approximately 0,700 Kg

Fiore Sardo is a fat cheese, of medium or long maturing, of hard paste, tending to friable, it has a white color, depending on the maturation, with regularly distributed and fine holes,

the crust is hard, smooth or wrinkled and slightly oily, due to its natural layers .. raw milk is heated to a temperature of 34-36 ° C. Coagulation, rennet, occurs with rennet in lamb paste.
Its aromatic intensity is medium-high, the scents are those of hay, spices with toasty notes and animals, the strong taste becomes more spicy with maturation. The Sardinian Flower D.O.P. it is an excellent table cheese, if consumed young, and an excellent grated product if aged.

Raw Ewe's MILK, salt, rennet, milk enzymes


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