Giglio Sardo

Like a flower Giglio Sardo’s flavour blooms from the heart of the best milk. The best seller of Argiolas Formaggi, Giglio Sardo is produced in Sardinia through an accurate choice of whole sheep milk from selected breedings. This is an exceptional product with an inimitabile taste.

Semi-seasoned cheese produced with 100% Sardinian milk.

The products are sold depending on the cut
Whole cheese wheel: average weight approximately 2,800 Kg
Half cheese wheel: average weight approximately 1,400 Kg
A quarter of a cheese wheel: average weight approximately 0,700 Kg

Giglio Sardo is a semi-aged sheep cheese. The palate is slightly grainy, sweet and soluble, the flavor is not high but is still very tasty. The Pecorino has hints of hay, hazelnuts, cooked milk. A balanced cheese with a medium long persistence and a pleasant finish.

Ewe's MILK, salt, rennet, milk enzymes. The rind is treated with preservatives E235 and colours E150d-E160b
Claudio Dessi


proedotto ottimo! Super consigliato!