Aristeo Pecorino al Tartufo

Soft cheese sheep cheese with truffles.

The products are sold depending on the cut
Whole cheese wheel: average weight approximately 0,330 Kg

Aristeo al Tartufo combines the Sardinian sheep's milk, fresh and delicate, and its hints of fresh milk and freshly cut herbs, with the truffle Umbro, with a strong and intense flavor.
It then takes two ingredients characteristic of two Italian territories and merges them to create a product in which the freshness of milk, balances and enhances the intense aroma of truffles.
The name of our product derives from the Greek mythology according to which Aristeo arrived in Sardinia during the Nuraghic period, becoming a figure revered by our ancestors.

Variable weight (about 300g)

Ewe's MILK, truffle 1% (truffle 85%, evo oil, salt, seasoning), salt, peppercorns, rennet, milk enzymes

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