The peculiar rind made of an edible white mould, gives this delicate soft cheese a unique taste. Produced only with organic Sardinian milk.

The products are sold depending on the cut
Whole cheese wheel: average weight approximately 0,300 Kg

Bios is a soft cheese made from organic sheep's milk, which can be associated with some French cheeses, such as brie, and has a white edible mold on the surface, called Penicillium candidum.
the Bios is characterized by a white paste tending to straw yellow, and chalk white rind, smells like mushroom (Champignon) and has aromas of fresh or sour milk and sweet taste, usually grants light sensory notes, especially when they are fresh and increase in intensity with maturation (thrust proteolysis, protein cleavage in simpler molecules thanks to molds). One of the peculiarities of these cheeses is the sweetness and often the creaminess of the pasta, especially in the sub-crust, where the proteins, helped by the mold, mature more quickly.

Organic ewe's MILK, salt, rennet, milk enzymes


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